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About us . . . Per Mare, Per Terras - By Sea, By Land

Our crest

One night in the winter of 1990, Clan Donald Pipes & Drums was founded by several bagpipers who decided to form a group in Northeast Wisconsin. We were Dennis, Bruce, Dolores, Dan, Adam and Dan's student, Rick. We didn't even have a name yet. The band didn't have drums or drummers, only a few kilts, and very little equipment.

There were several names proposed for the new organization, many of them quite odd. I remembered my previous contact with Clan Donald USA since I was the Midwest commissioner's personal piper at one time. We decided on the name 'Clan Donald' and voted to adopt the MacDonell of Glengarry, Scotland, as our band tartan. I called an old friend, Marv Ronaldson, the current Commissioner, to ask if Clan Donald would grant us permission to wear their tartan and bear their name. Marv was very gracious and extremely helpful. He contacted Lord MacDonell of Glengarry with our request and received a letter from his Lordship which he passed on to us (see below). This letter granted us permission to wear the tartan and use the clan name. We are grateful to Clan Donald for their continuing support of our organization.

Since that inauspicious start, the band picked up students and incorporated as a non-profit organization. We have been successful in teaching the art of piping to many new students and competing in Midwest highland games. The band prides itself on its presentation on parade at dozens of Wisconsin community festivals. One of the highlights of the band's accomplishments was the participation in Tartan Day celebrations in 2002, in New York City shortly after the 9/11 tragedy. We marched down 6th Avenue along with over 100 bagpipe bands from the USA and around the world in celebration of the spirit of New York City. 2010 marked our 20th year. We play around 15 parades and performances a year. In the competition portion of the highland games, our individual pipers have won medals and moved up to higher competitive grades. In band competition in 2005, we won 1st in our grade three times. Our future is bright.

We invite interested persons to come see our performances and if interested, discuss learning to play the Great Highland Bagpipe.

Bruce Danielson

Clan Donald Pipe Major

Lord MacDonell's letter