The Uniform and Tartan

Our Pipemajor

The Scottish kilt has a unique design with a distinctive tartan pattern or sett. The particular patterns are associated with individual clans and families and can be traced back over two hundred years. The kilt is now made of twill, woven, worsted wool. The garment is wrapped around the body at the waist and extends to above the knees. It is fastened by straps and buckles on both sides. Often a kilt pin can be found near the lower open fringed portion of the kilt. The pins may be decorated with clan crests.

The sporran is a Gaelic word meaning pouch or purse. Since kilts have no pockets, the sporran can be used to carry articles. It is hung in front of the kilt by a narrow belt or chain. It may be made from leather for "day wear" or leather with silver trim or fur for more formal occasions. The military version is larger and usually made from horse hair.

Gillie brogues are shoes with no tongues, but with laces that wrap up the lower leg. They may be worn for formal events or dances. Clan Donald wears a military style kit (uniform) on parade with canvas spats covering the shoes. The military hose (socks) are a diced pattern. They are held up by colored garter flashes.

The head gear for Clan Donald is the glengarry. This is a wedge shaped cap with a trailing ribbon. It was named after the Glengarry valley in Scotland. A clan crest badge is often attached to the hat.

Weapons are a traditional component of Scottish military dress. The sgian dubh (Gaelic for "black dagger") is a short knife worn inside the upper hose. The larger dirk is a knife worn from the waist belt.

The Pipe Major marches on the right front side of the band. The Pipe Sergeant marches on the left front side. Both officers wear a red sash indicating their rank.

What the piper chooses to wear under the kilt is a clan secret.